The Star Lake Town Board is committed to improving our communication with township residents and to keep them informed of township affairs. This page will serve as a library of information that has been distributed to our constituents.

Our annual newsletter and the periodic email notices (that we began in 2016) are the Board’s only way of communicating with township residents. If you are a resident of Star Lake Township, please consider subscribing to our email distribution list. This will allow us to transmit email notices, and the annual newsletter to you electronically thereby saving us the cost of hard copy distribution. Your email information will not be shared/sold to anyone else.

If you have questions about any of the information on this page, please contact one of the Township Supervisors or our Township Clerk. Documents are provided in PDF format.

Other Information

Below is information we feel would be of interest to our township residents.

Township Government 101 - A Township Government Primer


Below are copies of E-Bulletins that were sent out via our email distribution list. Click the link to view the PDF version.

11/14/2018 - SUBJECT:  Tractor for Sale (click link for details and photos)
11/11/2018 - SUBJECT:  2018 General Election Results
09/25/2018 - SUBJECT:  Otter Tail County Ditch 23
09/07/2018 - SUBJECT:  The Star Lake Casino is officially CANCELLED!
06/04/2018 - SUBJECT:  Casino Update, Town Dance, & Tree Trimming
05/12/2018 - SUBJECT:  Star Lake Town Dance (June 9th at 7pm) and Press Release
05/08/2018 - SUBJECT:  300th AVE. ½ Mile South of Hwy 24 - NOW OPEN to public traffic
03/25/2018 - SUBJECT:  300th AVE. ½ Mile South of Hwy 24 - Road Closed
01/26/2018 - SUBJECT:  Casino Update and USACE/FOIA Response
11/20/2017 - SUBJECT:  Casino Update
09/08/2017 - SUBJECT:  Casino Update - Record of Decision and EIS Scoping
08/23/2017 - SUBJECT:  Casino Update – OTC Orders an EIS
07/13/2017 - SUBJECT:  Star Lake Supervisor Resignation/Appointment
07/13/2017 - SUBJECT:  Star Lake Casino Update
05/11/2017 - SUBJECT:  Status of Shooting Star Casino - Environmental Assessment Worksheet
04/24/2017 - SUBJECT:  Star Lake Spring Banquet
03/20/2017 - SUBJECT:  2017 Dust Control Applications
02/23/2017 - SUBJECT:  355th Street Road - Road reopened
02/22/2017 - SUBJECT:  355th Street Road - Road closure
12/02/2016 - SUBJECT:  Carol Peterson
10/31/2016 - SUBJECT:  Important Dates of Up-coming Events: Shooting Star Casino Update and Ditch 55 Redetermination of Benefits
09/24/2016 - SUBJECT:  Recap of OTC Public Hearing RE: SSC Conditional Use Permit
09/14/2016 - SUBJECT:  OTC Public Hearing RE: Shooting Star Casino
08/31/2016 - SUBJECT:  Star Lake Shooting Star Casino Update and Local Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan (LASLCP)
08/03/2016 - SUBJECT:  WCA Wetland Replacement Application Status 8/9/2016 Primary Election and Sample Ballot
03/23/2016 - SUBJECT:  Shooting Star Neighborhood Meeting set for 3/30/16
03/04/2016 - SUBJECT:  LREC Informational Mtg. RE: SSC Electrical Infrastructure and Data Sheet