Road Services

Township snowplow

Providing services pertaining to the roads located within the boundaries of Star Lake Township is a major responsibility. All supervisors will be assigned roads to monitor. The expectation is that after every significant weather event, assigned roads will be checked for downed tree’s/limbs, wash outs, snow drifts, clogged culverts, etc.. The assignments are:

  • Lee Mindemann – 380th St. East, Bright Star Rd., 395th St., and Beaver Dam Trail/Point
  • Keith Aune – All Township Roads west of Hwy. 41
  • Tammy Ziegler – All Township Roads east of Hwy. 41 except those covered by Lee
  • Jeff Michaelson – while not a Supervisor, will act as Winter Road Foreman and will coordinate snow plowing & sanding operations

Below are a series of articles and policies pertaining to Star Lake Township roads. Click on the "Read More" button for more detailed information.  If you have questions, please contact the Township Clerk or any of the Township Supervisors.

2017 GRAVEL PLAN & Road Maintenance Projects

Includes Carry Over from 2016Rev. 4/13/17, 4/27/17, 5/24/17

Dust Control Projects        Strike-Through = DONE.

GRAVEL PROJECTS:  Application rate of 200 yds./mile, or 20 yds./.1 mile, unless otherwise noted

1.    380th St. East – Class 5M beginning at Bright Star Rd. going east for .7 miles to #32689 (flagged). Apply at double width on north & center side of roadway. 280 yds X $8.05= $2,254.

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Otter Tail County 2040 Transportation Plan (draft)

Rick West – Public Works Director – Jan 12, 2016

Otter Tail County as of July 21, 2015 adopted their first long range comprehensive transportation plan.  This 25 year plan provides for policies that will guide the preservation and improvement investments to the County’s 1,080 mile highway system. The plan also includes the 2016 – 2025 Transportation Program which is a list of the projects proposed over the next 10 years based on the policies contained in the 2040 Transportation Plan.  This 10 year program represents an estimated investment of $157 million.

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Star Lake Township (SLT) Road Report  -  4/11/2017

In accordance with MN Statute 164.03 an annual road inspection was conducted by the SLT Board of Supervisors on 4/10 thru 4/11/17 of all township roads. Conducting the inspection were ...

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Noxious Weed Control Policy

One of the many responsibilities of Township government is cooperation with a county-wide inspection to determine what, if any, noxious weeds are growing within the borders of our Township. Below are a listing ...

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Summary of Star Lake Township Line Road Maintenance Agreements

Jan. 1, 2014; Revised Jan. 8, 2016

Township roads that serve as a boundary between two townships are referred to as “line roads”. Star Lake Township has line roads with Maplewood, Dora, Dead Lake, and Maine Townships. The Star Lake Town Board has signed “Line Road Agreements” with each of these bordering townships.

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Dust Control Policy

The Town Board approved a Dust Control Policy at the December 12, 2012 monthly meeting. Residents may download a copy of the application by clicking the link below, or by contacting the Town Clerk or any Supervisor. Briefly, the policy states that the township will coordinate & contract for Dust Control Applications to those areas where the residents have requested it be done.

Dust Control Application Form

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Star Lake Township Road Analysis & Plan – 2014

By Lee Mindemann – Township Supervisor 2012-15                December 15, 2013

The gravel road design & maintenance data, as well as the technical data contained in this document are based on studies/information provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, The Federal Highway Administration, and the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota.

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Snow-Plowing Priorities/Routes (updated 01/26/18)

There are approximately 104 full-time residences located on 32 miles of township roads. In determining snow-plowing priorities these residences have identified on a map, and clustered into specific township road groups.  The intent is to reach the greatest number of residences in the shortest amount of distance/time in an efficient manner. Adherence to this routing will also insure that ALL Roads are serviced. Based upon the above criteria the following route priorities have been determined ...

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Specifications for Town Roads

All roads to be accepted by the township for maintenance purposes, must meet the specifications detailed below. The town board reserves the right to waive or modify these specifications depending upon specific circumstances.

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Snow Removal Policy

The Town Board approved a formal Snow Removal Policy for the township at the December 12, 2012 monthly meeting. Residents may obtain a copy of the Snow Removal Policy by contacting the Town Clerk, or any Supervisor.

Highlights of this policy include:

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