Summary of Star Lake Township Line Road Maintenance Agreements

Jan. 1, 2014; Revised Jan. 8, 2016

Township roads that serve as a boundary between two townships are referred to as “line roads”. Star Lake Township has line roads with Maplewood, Dora, Dead Lake, and Maine Townships. The Star Lake Town Board has signed “Line Road Agreements” with each of these bordering townships.

These agreements are documents that are certified by the MN Assoc. of Townships legal department, and once signed are legally binding agreements. While these agreements primarily deal with maintenance of the shared line roads, there are also quid pro quo agreements affecting other township roads as well. These agreements generally refer to routine maintenance activities, e.g. grading, routine gravelling, signage, brushing, mowing, and snow plowing. Major repairs/issues will be cost shared upon proper notifications/agreements. The following details the Line Road Agreements currently in place:

1. Star Lake TS. - maintains the following:
   a. 280th Ave. south from Hwy 108 2 miles to intersection with 380th St., (shared w/Maplewood TS),
   b. 300th Ave. south from Maine TS line 1.2 miles to Hwy 35, (shared with Maine TS),
   c. Big Rock Road south from Hwy 35 1.3 miles, (shared with Dead Lake TS),
   d. Beaver Dam Rd. north from Hwy 35 .7 miles to intersection of 380th St., (shared w/Dead Lake TS),

2. Maplewood TS. – maintains the following:
   a. 280th Ave. north from Hwy 24 .5 miles,
   b. 280th Ave. south from Hwy 24 .3 miles to “Minimum Maintenance” barricade,
   c. Skyhawk Drive. East from Hwy 24 for .5 miles,

3. Maine TS. – maintains Brightwood Shores Drive from Hwy 35 east .8 miles,

4. Dead Lake TS. – maintains Beaver Dam Road from 380th Street north .8 miles to Beaver Dam Trail,

5. Dora TS.  – maintains the entire length of West Rosewood Drive, approx. .1 mile of which is located in Star Lake Township.

The mileage breakdown of these agreements is as follows:

Star Lake/Maplewood  - 2 miles/1.3 miles
Star Lake/Dead Lake – 1.8 miles/2.4 miles
Star Lake/Maine – 1.2 miles/.8 miles
Star Lake/Dora – 0 miles/.1 mile

Total Star Lake/Other TS – 5 miles/4.6 miles

Residents that live along Star Lake Township roads that are assigned to neighboring townships for maintenance should contact that township directly with road concerns. They are welcome to contact any Star Lake Township Supervisor as well, but a direct call to the responsible township will likely expedite the matter. Township contacts are:

Maplewood – Lyle Boehm 218-205-1865
Maine – Joanne Seeger 218-495-3737
Dora – Gregory Meyer 218-758-2181
Dead Lake – Justin Kirchenwitz 218-298-4024