Star Lake Township (SLT) Road Report  -  4/11/2017

In accordance with MN Statute 164.03 an annual road inspection was conducted by the SLT Board of Supervisors on 4/10 thru 4/11/17 of all township roads. Conducting the inspection were Supervisors Lee Mindemann, Ron Peterson, and Tammy Ziegler; and Town Clerk Jeff Michaelson.

Since no grading has begun this season, all roads have significant corrugation & soft spots, and need grading. Those operations to begin shortly. Specific road conditions/problems noted are as follows:

 1.  380th Street East of Hwy 41

a.  The driving surface for 1st mile was in good condition,

1.  It was noted that we are continuing to see storm water run-off in the vicinity of the double approaches to the west of 31587, which degrades the road surface.  Removal of these unused approaches is to be reviewed.
2.  An area with significant soft spots has developed just west of the first curve entering the Spruce Lodge area.  Area to be monitored to determine if repair is warranted.

b.  The roadway from Spruce Lodge east to the curve just past the Camp Joy property (approx. 3/4 mile) was in poor condition, i.e. severely pot-holed with 2 – 5” holes caused by poor drainage, standing water, and heavy traffic. This section of roadway continues to be a perpetual problem and will require additional gravel & grading.

1.  It is essential that a minimum 4-degree grade be established from the north side to the south side of the roadway (since there are no ditches, a center crown is inappropriate).  The grader operator will be so instructed, and additional gravel may be needed on the north side of roadway; with the intent to drain the water to the adjacent wetland to the south.
2.  The balance of 380th to the east end was in good condition, with some need of additional Class 1 gravel (see 2017 Road Maint. Plan).
3.  The Camp Joy curve should be widened vic. # 32627 and add’l clay and gravel added (see 2017 Plan).
4.  It was noted that the roadway within the S-Curve (vic. 32651) remains soft in spring/early summer.  Given that it is a dead-end road with very limited shoulders, proper repair is problematic and costly.  Gravel will be added as necessary, and area monitored.

c.  Some need for tree trimming & fence post removal in vic. 33143 was also noted.  Property Owner (PO) to be notified of Right of Way (ROW) violation to correct.

 2.  Bright Star Road – Road was in generally good condition with some trimming needs noted at the intersection of 380th St., around stop sign.

 3.  380th Street West

 a.  Road is generally good condition with noted soft spot ¼ mile west of town hall location, and other limited areas.  To be monitored and repaired as warranted.
 b.  Sporadiac tree trimming may be needed.

 4.  Bambi Drive/Trail

a.  Small pines planted in ROW at #38390 along east cul-de-sac.  PO to be notified to take corrective action.
b.  Two residential driveways on Bambi Trail are above the grade of the roadway.  PO to be contacted to use care not to elevate these any further.
c.  Regular grading of both cul-de-sac will be needed to control vegetation,
d.  Some brushing needed on west cul-de-sac,
e.  Roadway conditions generally good – no add’l gravel needs noted,

 5.  280th Ave. No. - generally good condition.

 a.  It was noted that an old fence line obstructs the ROW on the east side of the road in vicinity of Flemling Lake. Ron Peterson to contact PO regarding possible removal.

 6.  390th Street

a.  The primary need/opportunity for this road is at the west end, where the restoration of a 20+’ driving surface with adequate shoulders exists in the two areas where the road traverses water on both sides. This is not a line road so the responsibility and cost rests with Star Lake Twp.
b.  The section of roadway passing through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife wetland needs add’l gravel over the PVC by-pass drains.
c.  There is also a significant soft spot west of Lodge Loop West that continues to be a problem area. Will monitor to determine if repairs are warranted.

 7.  300th Ave. North – This roadway remains in fair condition.

a.  The road transverses a wetland and has poor substrate in the 1st half mile north of the intersection with 380th St.
b.  This area to be monitored to determine if repair warranted.

 8.  Lodge Loop East

a.  In good shape.
b.  PO approved removal of old barbwire fence on east side.

 9.  395th Street – This road remains in good condition.

10.  300th Ave. Middle

a.  Road in generally good condition.
b.  Several soft spots are present.

11.  285th Ave.

a.  Road in good condition.
b.  Add’l tree trimming needed, primarily on southern portions.

12.  280th Ave. No. of Hwy 24 (Maplewood Twp.)

a.  This Line Road shared with Maplewood Twp. still requires significant ROW restoration on west side, road surface reshaping, and regravelling.
b.  PO at 36244 in active communications with Maplewood Twp., and SLT agrees to cost-share the repairs needed. However, Maplewood Twp. is responsible for coordinating the work. This road extends from intersection with Sky Hawk Drive north .3 miles to second driveway (marked with Dead End sign) of 36244 PO.

13.  280th Ave. - South of Hwy 24 (Maplewood Twp.)

a.  Road appears in good condition,
b.  Min-Maint. Signage needs updating,

14.  Sky Hawk Drive

a.  While a SLT road, this road is maintained by Maplewood Twp. as part of the 280th Ave. No. Line Road Agreement. The agreement specifies that “routine” maintenance belongs to Maplewood Twp., while “major repair” costs are to be shared.
b.  Sky Hawk Drive has some significant washout and drainage damage at the east end of the road, and is generally in need of additional gravel.
c.  SLT to review with Maplewood Twp. to determine next steps for Sky Hawk, as well as 280th Ave. north of Cty. Hwy 24.

15.  300th Ave. South

a.  Roadway in generally good condition.
b.  The large culvert (DNR Fish Barrier) ½ mile south of Hwy 24, needs to be reset, as the west end has been forced up, likely by frost. Once reset, the roadway will need to be regravelled.
c.  The section immediately south of Hwy 24 also has some high shoulders which need to be cut down with the motor grader.
d.  Balance of road south to Hwy 35 is in good condition, with some shouldering work needed.

16. Brightwood Shore Drive (Maine Twp.)

a.  No significant pot holes or soft spots noted.
b.  In need of gravel prior to Dust Control application; coord. w/Maine Twp for 2017 application.

17. Big Rock Road West to South

a.  Roadway in generally good condition.
b.  Gravel needed from Buddy Lane west for 500’.

18.  Buddy Lane

a.  Generally good shape.

19.  Big Rock Rd. Cont’d

a.  Generally good shape.
b.  Culvert in vicinity of Trumpeter Loop not flowing under BRR.  Monitor to insure it has clear flow once frost is out.
c.  Culvert needs replacement vic. .3 miles south of 37095.

20.  355th Street

a.  Road in good shape.
b.  Needs gravel from Rose Drvwy east for .2 miles.

21.  360th Street

a.  Generally in good condition.
b.  Some tree trimming needed south side of road east of Hwy 41 up to 31344.
c.  Class 5 gravel needed from point 31988 east .3 miles to Hwy 35.

22.  Starland Shore Drive

a.  Road in good condition.
b.  Remove Fire Sign at Hwy 35.

23.  Krueger Loop

a.  Gravel entire distance, approx. .5miles.
b.  Clean culvert vic. 36943.

24.  Vic’s Beach Road

a.  Good condition.

25.  Downy Drive

a.  Good condition.

26.  Beaver Dam Road – (North from Hwy35)

a.  Class 5 Gravel from Hwy 35 to 380th St.  .5 miles
b.  Clean ditch on both sides of road in vicinity .2 miles north of Hwy 35 to facilitate drainage to culverts at intersection of Hwy 35 and Beaver Dam Road. Coordination needed with OTC and DL Twp.

27.  Beaver Dam Trail/Point

a.  Add 5 yds of Class 5 in middle of cul-de-sac, vic. 39976.
b.  Discuss w/grader operator to grade out facilitating drainage from the cul-de-sac.

28. West Rosewood Drive (Dora Twp.)

a.  Road was in good condition with no noted issues.

Road & Bridge Operation costs versus budget (R&B Levy Amt.  of $115,531):

ITEM  2016 Actual 2017 Projected
Snow Removal  $3,784.41*  $10,000
Total R&B  $95,513.43  $100,000

* Represents 2016 Calendar Year Expenses for snow removal operations.