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A town board of supervisors, elected to staggered three-year terms on an annual basis, make up the governing body for Star Lake Township. The annual elections are held on the second Tuesday of March each year in coordination with the township’s annual meeting. The board of supervisors are joined by a township clerk and a township treasurer. In Star Lake Township the Clerk and Treasurer are appointed positions.

The annual meeting is what really sets townships apart from other forms of local government. At this meeting, the residents of the township have a direct opportunity to have a voice in how the township will be run. They do this by voting on a variety of matters on which the town board must receive elector approval, and most importantly, by directly voting on and approving the township’s tax levy for the next year. This means that, with very limited exception, the town board can only spend that which has been authorized by the voters.

More information about township government can be found here: Township Government 101 - A Township Government Primer.

Star Lake Township Supervisors - Contact Info and Responsibilities
The following details the “division of labor” amongst the three Township Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors are ultimately responsible for all facets of township operations. The following details how the board will divide the work to get it done in an efficient manner.




GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Map

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starlakets01Star Lake Township Map

This map shows the boundaries of Star Lake Township.

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