Dust Control Policy for Star Lake Township in Dent, MN

12 Dec, 2012

The Town Board approved a Dust Control Policy for the township at the December 12, 2012 monthly meeting (SLT Resolution 2014-02). Residents may obtain a copy of the Dust Control Policy by contacting the Town Clerk, or any Supervisor. Briefly, the policy states that the township will coordinate & contract for Dust Control Applications to those areas where the residents have requested it be done.

The township coordination will include:

  1. Insuring the road bed is properly prepared (graded & graveled if needed),
  2. The selection of the Dust Control contractor to be used,
  3. The negotiated price and payment for the application.

The residents requesting the dust control are solely responsible for the payment for this service. An application form is available from the Town Clerk for those residents who may be interested in having Dust Control applied. An application form and payment must be received by the Town Clerk by May 1st of each year. No Dust Control Application will be initiated by the township without receipt of prior payment.

There are cost savings to be gained for the township in that dust control agents will reduce the need for grading, and are proven to reduce the amount of gravel used on the roadway over the long term. There are cost savings for the affected residents as well, in that the application cost will likely be lower due to volume discounting, and the township service will not be subject to state sales tax. This policy also gives the Township a level of assurance that environmental concerns are being adhered to regarding the rate of application, and the type of dust control agents being used on township roads.

Additionally, the Township Board will also require the following:

  1. That to the greatest extent possible, dust control areas will be continuous, thereby minimizing the need for the grader operator to pick up & put down the blade,
  2. That to the greatest extent possible, entire road sections be done, i.e. all of Downy Drive vs. just a portion,
  3. That the minimum distance for application be 500 feet and this only with Board approval,

Residents seeking additional information on this policy should contact the Town Clerk, or any Supervisor.

Fill out an online application- Star Lake Township Dust Control Application Request

Printable application- Star Lake Township Dust Control Application Request