02 May, 2019

In accordance with MN Statute 164.03 an annual road inspection was conducted by the SLT Board of Supervisors the week of on 4/28/19 of all township roads. Conducting the inspection were Supervisors Lee Mindemann, Keith Aune, and Tammy Ziegler.

General Observations:

a. SLT roads are generally in good condition this year. All roads were graded for the first time this season the week of 4/13.

b. It was noted that while snow plowing on those routes covered by the motor grader had deposited more than a desired amount of gravel into the ditches it was a significantly less than 2018 operations, as were the incidents of lawn/shoulder damage.

c. It should be noted that 2019 winter operations saw perhaps the most snowfall in a decade, several high wind events, and severe cold all of which made for a difficult and costly year for snow removal operations.

d. Important to note also, that we are thankful for equipment operators Jeff Michaelson, Jim Piper, and Terry Johnson.

e. The extreme operating conditions did provide some key learnings for future operations:

  • SLT needs to get the plows on the roads earlier – this was perhaps the most common feedback we received from the public.
  • SLT needs to improve our fuel management procedures, specifically the conversion to winter blend diesel, the type of blend, and our process for tank inspection to minimize water contamination.
  • The need for a higher capacity timer for the grader block heater.

Specific road conditions/problems noted are as follows:

1. 380th Street East of Hwy 41 –

a. Having just been graded the driving surface was in very good condition with noted soft spots,

b. It was noted that we are continuing to see storm water run-off near the double approaches to the west of 31587, which degrades the road surface. This is also a problem with spring melt. It was agreed to install a culvert in this area to resolve this issue.

c. Prior to spring grading the roadway from Spruce Lodge east thru the curve just past the Camp Joy property (approx. 3/4 mile) was in very poor condition, i.e. severely pot-holed with 2 – 5” holes caused by poor drainage, standing water, and heavy traffic. This section of roadway continues to be a perpetual problem with spring melt and heavy rainfall. It was agreed this section of road will likely require annual gravelling & grading, with the objective of maintaining at least a 2 degree slope to the south to facilitate drainage. Additionally, during winter operations to continue pushing our plowed snow to the south to mitigate drifting for as long as feasible in the season.

2. Bright Star Road – Road was in generally good condition with some trimming needs noted for overhead clearances near the south end at the turn.

3. 380th Street West –

a. Road is generally good condition with noted soft spots.

b. Sporadic tree trimming may be needed, especially at west end for overhead clearance.

4. Bambi Drive/Trail –

a. Small pines planted in ROW at #38390 along east cul-de-sac. PO to be notified to take corrective action.

b. Two residential driveways on Bambi Trail are above the grade of the roadway. PO to be contacted to use care not to elevate these any further.

c. Eastern cul-de-sac perimeter needs to be bladed out. It was agreed that routine blading needs to be done to control vegetation from growing in.

5. 280th Ave. No. - Generally in good condition, though the section of road going south from State Hwy 108 to the entrance of Egge’s Gravel Pit needs sporadic gravelling. Dan Egge to be notified accordingly.

6. 390th Street –

a. Generally in good condition with soft spots noted. Some spot gravelling needed; due to traffic volume Class 5M should be used.

b. The section of roadway passing through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife wetland needs add’l gravel over the PVC by-pass drains.

7. 300th Ave. North – This roadway remains in fair condition with soft spots noted.

a. The road transverses a wetland and has poor substrate in the 1st half mile north of the intersection with 390th Street.

b. This area to be graveled double wide.

8. Lodge Loop East - This road is in good shape.

9. 395th Street – This road remains in very good condition.

10. 300th Ave. Middle –

a. Road in generally good condition with soft spots noted.

b. Gravel needed at both ends of this section.

11. 285th Ave. – This road in good condition.

a. Culvert cleaning needed.

b. Add’l tree trimming needed, primarily on southern portions.

c. It was agreed to conduct shouldering maintance on this section of roadway.

12. Skyhawk Drive – This road in fair condition. (Maplewood Twp. does routine grading..)

13. 280th Ave. Middle (MW Twp.) – This section of line road is north of Hwy 24.

a. This Line Road shared with Maplewood Twp. still requires significant ROW restoration on west side, road surface reshaping, and regravelling.

b. PO at 36244 in active communications with Maplewood Twp., and SLT agrees to cost-share the gravel needed. Maplewood Twp. remains responsible for maintenance, and the expenses related to ROW restoration on the west side. This road extends from intersection with Sky Hawk Drive north .3 miles to second driveway (marked with Dead End sign) of 36244 PO.

c. Road is substandard,

d. Fence line on west side (MW Twp) needs to be removed,

14. 280th Ave. South (MW Twp.) – This road is in fair condition.

15. 300th Ave. South –

a. Road in generally good condition with noted soft spots.

b. The large culvert .5 miles south of Hwy 24 remains in good condition.

c. The section immediately south of Hwy 24 has some high shoulders which need to be reshaped.

d. Shoulders on hill south of Twp. line need shouldering maint.. This section of road is in need of gravel. Maine Twp. should be notified…

16. Brightwood Shore Drive (Maine Twp.) –

a. At time of inspection no seasonal blading had been done, so significant pot holes were noted.

b. In need of blading prior to Dust Control application; coord. w/Maine Twp for 2018 application.

17. Big Rock Road “East” to North End @ Hwy 35 –

a. Roadway in generally good condition with soft spots noted.

b. Gravel needed on first 500’ from Hwy.35,

c. Gravel needed thru low-lying section vicinity of intersection with Buddy Lane.

d. Exposed corduroy near Buddy Lane – need to bury with gravel and watch.

18. Buddy Lane – Generally in good condition.

19. Big Rock Rd. Cont’d –

a. Generally good condition with soft spots noted.

b. Road repair needed for shoulder wash-out in area .3 miles west of 36771. This is a high priority repair.

c. Section south of Hwy 35 to Star Creek needs gravel.

20. 355th Street – This road in generally good condition with some light gravelling needed.

21. Downy Drive –

a. Good condition.

b. On-going ROW issues.

c. Remove old fire sign at entrance.

22. Vic’s Beach Road –

a. Good condition.

b. Curve thru 1st cul-de-sac needs addressing.

23. Krueger Loop –

a. Road in good condition.

b. Some gravel needed at eastern most entrance.

c. ROW issues with farmer cultivating ditch.

24. Starland Shore Drive –

a. Road & Cul-de-sac need shoulders reclaimed and regravelling. This should likely involve a property owner meeting.

b. Remove Fire Sign at Hwy 35.

25. 360th Street –

a. Generally in good condition with soft spots noted.

b. Cl-5M gravel needed from Hwy 41 east for .5 miles.

26. Beaver Dam Road – (North from Hwy35)

a. Road in good condition.

b. Class 5M Gravel needed from Hwy 35 going north 500’.

c. Install seed/erosion blanket on back slope of west ditch.

27. Beaver Dam Trail/Point –

a. Road in very good condition.

b. Some needed shoulder work on south side top of hill to mitigate stormwater run-off.

28. West Rosewood Drive – (Dora Twp.)

a. Road in need of blading.

b. Joint signage project pending.


a. There are numerous known “soft spots” throughout the township which are listed here. These are mostly “frost boils” with the rest being either exposed corduroy, or sand holes.

b. The cost of repair of these are potentially significant. Accordingly, these repairs will be made as financial resources permit, and public safety dictates. So we watch these and respond when necessary.

1. Frost boils are seasonal and generally heal themselves after it warms up and dries up.

2. Exposed corduroy are problematic as repair means excavation and rebuilding of the roadbed. Remaining corduroy areas are in wetlands along our lower volume roads.

3. Sand holes are generally smaller in size and they persist throughout the season. These will typically receive repair priority.

c. Known soft spots are:

1. 380th St. East –

  • Approx. 500’ east of 31587,
  • At beginning of 1st curve going into Spruce Lodge,
  • At “S” curve past Camp Joy,
  • At point along lake east of 32979,

2. 380th St. West –

  • ¼ mile west of townhall,

3. Bambi Drive –

  • ¼ mile north of 380th St.
  • 1/8 mile east of Bambi Trail intersection,

4. 300th Ave. North –

  • 1/8 mile north of 390th St.,
  • ¼ mile north of 390th St.,

5. 390th St. –

  • 1/8th mile east of Lodge Loop,
  • ¼ mile east of Lodge Loop,

6. 300th Ave. Middle –

  • 1/8 mile north and south of #35930 (D.Collins),
  • 1/8 mile south of 35930,

7. 300th Ave. South –

  • .2 mile south of Hwy 24,

8. 360th Street –

  • ¼ mile east of Hwy 41,
  • In curve .1 mile west of #34724 (sand hole),

9. 355th Street –

  • 1/8 mile east of Hwy 35
  • .1 mile west of Big Rock Road,

10. Big Rock Road –

  • .1 mile south of 355th St. intersection,
  • .1 mile north of 355th St. intersection,
  • .3 mile west of 36771 (Bary farm),
  • .3 mile east of Buddy Lane intersection,

This concludes the Star Lake Township Official Road Report for 2019. Certified this 14th day of May, 2019.

Lee Mindemann – Board Chairman

ATTEST: Jeff Michaelson - Clerk