Snow Removal Policy for Star Lake Township

12 Dec, 2012

The Town Board approved a formal Snow Removal Policy for the township at the December 12, 2012 monthly meeting. Residents may obtain a copy of the Snow Removal Policy by contacting the Town Clerk, or any Supervisor.

Highlights of this policy include:

1. An affirmation that all designated Township Roads will be included in the policy.

2. That snow removal operations will generally not begin until the snow has stopped falling, or until at least four inches of snow has accumulated.

3. That the Board Chairman or his/her designee ultimately has the final decision as to when snow plowing operations begin or cease, whichever the case may be.

4. That Township roads will generally be plowed in a specific order as designated in the “Township Snow-Plowing Priorities/Routes document”.

5. That the Township plow will not operate on private property/roads unless so directed by law enforcement or the Town Board.

6. That the Township plow operator will not offer physical assistance or utilize any township equipment to extract private vehicles or equipment that may be stuck in the snow, unless directed to do so by law enforcement or the Town Board, (the operator may offer assistance by placing a phone call for the stranded traveler).

7. That the Township has no responsibility for damage to any or all items left in the Road Right of Way, including but not limited to lawn sprinklers, outdoor lighting, sod, landscaping, vehicles, trailers, etc..

8. That if the Board determines that items left in the Road Right of Way pose an unreasonable risk to public safety, or significantly interferes with snow plowing operations, the Board may have the items removed at the owner’s expense.

9. That the Township is not responsible for damage to mail boxes caused by thrown snow/ice; Township responsibility for mail boxes damaged by direct contact with the snowplow will be limited to $40.00 and only with proper Town Board notification, investigation, and approval. Residents with questions or concerns regarding this policy should bring those to any regularly scheduled Town Board meeting, or contact a Township Supervisor.