Star Lake Township in Dent, MN

13 Nov, 2013

To Whom It May Concern;

SUBJECT: Specifications for Town Roads. (These specifications supercede all previous.)

All roads to be accepted by the township for maintenance purposes, must meet the specifications detailed below. The town board reserves the right to waive or modify these specifications depending upon specific circumstances.

1. All township roads are to be thirty (30) feet wide. Twenty-four (24) mat road surface, with three (3) foot shoulders on each side.

2. All township roads will include a ditch of each side of the roadway. These ditches must include:

    a. A foreslope, ditch bottom, and backslope,

    b. The ditch bottom at a minimum must be twenty-four (24) inches below the top of the roadway – preferably thirty-six (36) inches,

    c. If newly constructed or graded – the ditch fore and back slopes must be seeded with grass and covered with an erosion blanket,

3. All township roads will have a road surface covered with Class I gravel that is a minimum of six (6) inches deep – applied in two (2) inch intervals. Each application will be compacted. Additional substrate material may be required depending upon soil conditions.

4. All township roads will have a sixty-six (66) foot easement free of trees/shrubs, rocks in excess of ten (10) inches, and any other fixed object.

5. All dead end roads require a cul-de-sac which has a minimum of a one hundred twenty (120) foot diameter.

6. All approaches must be level to, or below the township road driving surface, and must have a minimum fifteen (15) inch culvert, with 18” being preferred.

The Star Lake Township Board will do an inspection to insure compliance with these specifications, prior to any acceptance of the road for township maintenance. The developer/petitioner will be responsible for any costs incurred by the township if engineering or other professional services are required for this inspection.

Additionally, for new roads the township will require a two year warranty from the developer/petitioner combined with a financial bond to cover any repairs that may be necessary due to road/ditch/culvert failure. The amount of the bond will be determined by the town board on a case by case basis.

Developers/residents are highly encouraged to contact the township board prior to the start of any construction to ensure an understanding of the above.

Star Lake Township Board